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  • NANOFORCE: Nanotechnology for Chemical Enterprises - “How to link scientific knowledge to the business in the Central Europe space”

Project challenges: Even if the knowledge in the field of nanosciences and the industrial application has been gradually increasing over the last 10 to 20 years in Europe, there is a necessity of a larger international cooperation and research coordination to overcome disciplinary boundaries, to fill the gap between more and less experienced regions and to turn investments in R&D in industrial innovations. This is real challenge for EU economy and for the Central Europe regions.

Project objective: The general objective of NANOFORCE project is to foster the innovative nanotechnology sector networks across Central Europe regions by bringing together public and private organizations (enterprises, research centers, venture capitalists and public institutions) to carry out collaborative & interdisciplinary researches on nanomaterials and to turn the most promising laboratory results into innovative industrial applications.

The Project finished on 31th January 2014. Here you can find the main documents delivered during the Project. 

Download the NANOFORCE Project Brochure.

Download the NANOFORCE Website Brochure.

Download the NANOFORCE Talent Brochure.

Download the Nanotech Valleys Borchure.

Download the International Brochure.

Download the Mid Term Presse Release.

Download the NANOFORCE News.

  • The Nanodeals Events

The European Union Economy is suffering especially offering an employment to new generations. In particular, the lack of integration in economic and social policies is acting as a hindrance to the entrepreneurial spirit of young talents, that have the potential to create new job opportunities and social wealth if appropriately supported. The recipe for the recovery and the revival of the European Union is: Venture Capital, fostering the Talent of Researchers, FDI, Scientific Facilities.

NANOFORCE is organizing 3 "Nanodeal Events" to present some success stories, some business opportunities offered through Nanotechnologies,  some experiences by private and public actors aimed to create the right climate for the sustainable development of the 8 Areas of the Central Europe Programme linked by NANOFORCE Project. The aim of these events is also to present the “PROPOSAL TO SUBSCRIBE THE INCORPORATION OF <<I.N.V.C.F. – INTERREGIONAL NANOTECH VENTURE CAPITAL FUND>>, IN CENTRAL EUROPE”, with the intent that Potential Investors in the 8 Areas of the NANOFORCE Project could evaluate and subscribed it.

The 3 Events:
1. The first will be held in Prague on 24th September 2013:
     Download the Agenda for more information

2. The second will be held in Vienna (at Austrian  Academy of Sciences) on 1st October 2013:
     Download the Agenda for more information

3. The third will be held in Milan (at Federchimica Auditorium) on 12th December 2013:
     Download the Agenda for more information
     Click here to download the presentation of the event.

For more information, please contact:
Mrs. Chiara Monaco, SC Sviluppo chimica S.p.A. - Italy
Mr. Ivo Stancek, Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic - Czech Republic
Mrs. Sonja HartlBioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH - Austria

Nanodeals and TRM

Do you have a good idea and you need funding? Do you want to invest your money in young talents? Go to Submit your deal proposal and register to our website.

  • TRM:

Are you prepared to create your own company? Do you want to test your idea?

Nanotechnology is seen as one of the main factors of technological development and innovation in the near future. Therefore, the NANOFORCE Project was particularly targeted at young people who will create that future. The NANOFORCE Project developed a tool very useful for these young talents: the TRM – Technology Rating Methodology.
The talent, who has an idea for realization of a nano-initiative (a product, a process, a service) can use this tool to rate it.

This software is freely available here!

Once clicking on "Start the TRM process", you will enter in the proposal testing phase answering a series of questions on the proposal. This phase is divided in:

•Warming-up: 12 general questions on the proposal, generating a first indicative comment;
•First and Second Round: 20 questions for each round more focused on the qualitative aspects of the Proposal. At the end of these two rounds, it will appear a spider- web providing you with a valuable synthetic feedback on the quality of your Proposal, assessing its strengths and weaknesses. This visualization allows you to focus on the critical factors!

What are you waiting for? Try the TRM now!

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.