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  How to know & prosper with NANOFORCE
  • The objective. NANOFORCE intends to create an homogenous geographic area where Centers of R&D, Companies, Professionals and Competent Authorities can realize nanoproducts in a responsible way.

  • The strategy. The 9 Partners adopted consequently a flexible approach based on 4 actions lines: 

    To let circulate information within the scientific communities,

    To support the formation of nanotech deals along the value added chains, starting from the topics: who does what where and why;

    To inform Consumers and public opinion on the benefits the nanotechnologies could generate and how E.U.’s current regulations and directives tutelate the safety at work and the environment;

    To offer selected contacts and managerial tools to identify and to transform socio-economic opportunities offered by nanotechnologies into the Central Europe’s markets.

  • Expected results. In this web, you will find articles, posters, publications produced by NANOFORCE:

    The dealflow NANOFORCE is feeding and presenting to the Industrial and to the Financial Communities;

    R&D Partnerships, Technical and Commercial Joint Ventures, selected CVs NANOFORCE is looking for;

    The Technology Rating System you can use to self-evaluate or to evaluate a nanotech deal;

    Chemical-Physical, Toxicological and Eco-Toxicological Data, Exposures Scenarios, SDSs on nanomaterials available or in progress.

  • So what? Enter in the magic world of NANOFORCE! Put your ideas …. ask for details … propose a nanotech deal! You are the main Actor!
This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.