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Nanoforce grows and evolves, with Certiquality
The technical and commercial partnerships at national and European level have led the Nanoforce project to approach the certification processes, after having gained a long experience in the field of international regulations.
Through the cooperation work carried out with companies and public administrations, Nanoforce has deepened the themes of health, safety, the environment and work, binding to Certiquality Italian company that has a strong national identity and a particular vocation in the provision of services personalized and high professional content to improve the results of companies and enhance their competitiveness.
Nanoforce merging into Certiquality, with its resources, its experiences and its knowledge, will continue to invest in the quality of processes, products and services of organizations that choose to compete with a process of continuous improvement, accompanying companies and public administrations in behaviors consistent with the law, the rules and regulations in force to guarantee the quality of the services provided.
This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.