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  Regulations & Safety & Benefits

Nanoscience, research & development continuously improves the environmental, health and safety knowledge and performance of our technologies, processes and products over their life cycles in order to avoid harm to people and the environment.

At NANOFORCE we are strongly aware that nanotechnologies as any kind of new technologies shall not be known and developed and produced and eventually commercialised with the “precautionary principle” but using the responsible approach. This means: to proactively cooperate with the Legislators and the Competent Authorities and to let adopt the values and the behaviours of transparency of the knowledges and the prevention for the benefits of the Workers and the Consumers.

Follow the structure of the website and you will share how NANOFORCE is committed to Health, Safety and Environment of Nanotechnologies.

One of the main objectives of NANOFORCE project is to improve the environmental, health and safety knowledge and develop a state-of-the-art report on regulations in the field of nanotechnology to identify needs and gaps and give possible recommendations for the European Commission. Furthermore NANOFORCE wants to foster the collaborative and interdisciplinary research on nanomaterials (in the frame of REACH regulation) and to turn the most promising laboratory results into innovative industrial applications. Please download the report hier: NANOFORCE_state_of_the_art_report

Outputs in WP4 – Responsible Use of Nanotechnology & Associated Risk Management


Major outputs from WP4 in the NANOFORCE project are specific characterisation and toxicological analysis of 3 nanomaterials (TiO2, ZnO, nanoAg) to evaluate their registration in the context of REACH and to evaluate their potential health and environmental hazards. Therefore Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Exposure Scenarios (ES) have been developed for those material and can be downloaded in the “Safety to be adopted for Nanotechnologies” section. Those series of test have been carried out by scientific institutions participating in the project ensuring the comparison of results based on sound science. After performed risk assessment analysis, SDS and specific ES were elaborated to provide all safety concerns and toxicological data concerning potential risks linked to applications of nanotechnology.

To promote the outputs from this WP and to boost risk assessment joint working table were organized on a local level. National Authorities were invited to discuss topics like exposure assessment and workplace safety. All information collected in the national reviews on existing safety & nanotech legislations with data obtained through in-depth risk assessments constitute a base for elaboration of the Transnational guideline on nanotech responsible management successively adapted for local stakeholders to provide them with tailor-made directions on the responsible use/production of nanomaterials.
For more information please download the 
NANOFORCE_guideline_for_the_responsible_use_and_production_of_nanomaterials_final and the
NANOFORCE_10_operative procedures_final.

All findings and results of this WP were evaluated and presented in a guidance book for the European Commission to give provision in relation to the potential changes of regulation for some specific nanomaterials.

Please Download the informative NANOFORCE_Book_of_Recommendations_longversion_final for all the information on tests and results gathered within NANOFORCE project.

Inform yourself on the major recommendations provided to the European Commission in the short excerpt NANOFORCE_Book_of_Recommendations_Excerpt_final.

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.