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There are several new approaches for nanotechnology to enhance the quality of life. Benefits of Nanotechnology are particularly evident in the areas of: Electronics, Energy Saving, Environment, Medicine, Research, Sustainable Management, Waste disposal, Water processing and many more:

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  • Electronics: Nanotechnology can have a great impact on the development, processing and application of electronically devices. Many products have been launched using nanotechnology: nano diodes, OLED, plasma displays, computer devices, chip design, nano transistors, etc.

  • Energy Savings: Nanotechnology is involved in the process of renewable energy to improve efficiency in energy-production, energy-absorption and energy storage. Nanotechnology aims at increasing the efficiency of products and at the same time being smaller and more sustainable in production. Nanotechnological applications can be found in the fields of photovoltaic, solar cells, fuel cells, batteries, etc.

  • Environment: Nanotechnology contributes significantly to environmental remediation and solving environmental problems. Resent findings have shown a great impact of nanomaterials used for environmental cleanup.

  • Medicine: One of the advantages of using nanotechnologies for drug delivery in the human body is the secure transportation rout without harming other cell lines or organs. Smaller drugs can be developed with a higher recovery rate and less side effects.

  • Research: Nanotechnology related research ought to be translated into safe novel products and processes that improve the long term competitiveness of European industry and the quality of citizens’ life. Materials used at nanoscale like nanotubes, nano particles and chemical nano compounds often show different characteristics than at their precursors. Nanomaterials are said to be stronger, faster and have a better lifespan.

  • Sustainable Management: Nanotechnology can produce compounds, particles and substances with more resource efficiency e.g. lighter and more resistant materials coupled with lower consumption of materials and energy in production.

  • Waste disposal: Nanotechnology aims to provide a new set of cost-effective and innovative methods for disposal of waste.

  • Water processing: One of the advantages of nanotechnology in waste disposal can be found in water processing, where nanotechnology helps in decontaminating polluted water, using nano-filter systems.

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