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  Researchers, Venture Capitalists & Managers
The integration of scientific competences, venture capital and management is the key factor of success for the nanotechnologies, wherever in the world! At NANOFORCE we offer the chance to propose your deal! We mean … not only an idea please … but something more formalized…. data, patents, pilot plant … incorporation or expansion of your company. You have several routes to enter in contact with your Partners:

  • if you are a Researcher with a nanotech deal, go to Submit your Deal Proposal….. or if you have scientific skills but no interest to enhance your entrepreneurial spirit …. you can go to The NANOFORCE's Experts Network and present your CV;

  • if you are a Venture Capitalist, please introduce yourself so that you could be presented as one Actor and go directly to see the deals NANOFORCE is offering according to your investment criteria;

  • if you are a Manager (better if a Senior Manager) maybe you have your own deal: go to Submit your Deal Proposal … or certainly you will be asked for your advises and consultancies … and so go to The NANOFORCE's Expert Network.
This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.