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  The Technology Platforms

European Commission launched 37 “Technology Platforms”. European Technology Platforms (ETPs) were set up as industry-led stakeholder forums with the aim of defining medium to long-term research and technological objectives and developing roadmaps to achieve them. Their aim was to contribute to increasing synergies between different research actors, ultimately enhancing European competitiveness.

NANOFORCE interacts and directly supports several of the Technology  Platforms according to the 9 Categories of Industrial Sectors defined in Go to the Matrix!

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SusChem - European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry.
It was created in 2004 as a joint initiative between Cefic, DECHEMA, EuropaBio, GDCh, ESAB and RSC, with the main objective to revitalise and inspire European chemistry and industrial biotechnology research, development and innovation in a sustainable way.

SusChem addresses challenges that are specific to the European chemical and industrial biotechnology industry, but also addresses challenges that apply to European society as a whole.

SusChem has also established a network of National Technology Platforms in 11 countries across Europe that work on sustainable chemistry initiatives within their own country, support national engagement in EU collaborative projects and programmes and contribute to transnational collaborations.

Further Information and Contacts:


SusChem Secretariat

Cefic – The European Chemical Industry Council


Program Manager
Ger Spork

Communications Officer
Annie Mutamba 


SusChem Slovenija
The main mission of SusChem Slovenja is to develop and implement a strategic research and development program, which will focus on strengthening skills to translate reasercge advances in technological design, suitable for marketing.
SusChem Slovenja promotes research, development and innovation in key technological areas as: industrial biotechnology, technology of materials, reaction and process engineering and horizontal activities (safety, education, ...).

Further Information and Contacts:


Peter Glavič,
University of Maribor


  NaMaT - Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies

Objective of NaMaT is to assure optimal involvement of industry and other stakeholders in the process of establishing priorities in the area of advanced materials and technologies, to improve coherence in EU projects, and introduce radical changes and  sustainable development in the sector of advanced materials.

NaMat  cover all elements of the life cycle of advanced engineering materials / technologies:
development, production, testing, optimization, modeling, databases, impacts, risks and recyclability.

The Strategic Research Agenda is basis for: identification of needs and establishing priorities, education, technology transfer, innovation, societal impacts, cooperation, international initiatives.

NaMaT will be open to new members accepting NaMaT goals, principles and statutes.

Further Information and Contacts:


Janez Navodnik

Kidriceva 25

Phone Number
00386 3 4258 400
00386 3 4258 409


I-TECHMED - Innovative and supporting technologies in medicine

Its main goal is the establishment of a technological platform for innovative and supporting technologies in medicine on a national and European level.

Other goals include:
• identifying research areas which will be included in the activities of the technological platform
• establishing and organizing workgroups for specific areas
• establishing the infrastructure of the technology platform – the Portal of the Technology Platform I-TECHMED and Project Office.

Joint information system (Portal) will ensure adequate information exchange and communication between the platform's members and inform about research activities. Cooperation in joint projects and interaction with national and international initiatives is a very important aspect of the activities of the technology platform I-TECHMED.

The main areas of activities of TP I-TECHMED are: physical medicine and medical rehabilitation, IPL technologies, dermato-venerology, ophthalmology, dental programmes, development of implants (materials, technologies), infrastructural research, preventive medicine, health tourism programmes, wellness programmes
, development of recombinant proteins, knowledge of physical-chemical and biological properties of pharmaceutical compounds, development and assessment of delivery systems, development of biotechnological products, research of new substances, synthesis of generic drugs, telemedicine and eHealth.
NaMaT - Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies.

Further Information and Contacts:


I-Techmed Project Office

Stegne 23
1000 Lubljana
(Slovenia, Europe)

Tel. +386 (0)15131513
Fax. +386 (0)15131510

Email: info@itechmed.net

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.